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Renee Pan


Managing Partner, China at Brinc.io

She joined Brinc in 2015. Brinc is a Global Venture Accelerator that empowers startups in every stage throughout the whole life cycle to help them launch successful businesses. Brinc is based in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Bahrain, Poland, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, India and Sydney. It has over 120 investments across 35 countries by far. She joined Brinc 5 years ago to work with startups and founders, to make their concepts become ready-to-be shelf products, and to help them to enter new markets. Now she is working with local and international governments and resources closely to forest the local ecosystem for startups and technology innovation and transformation.

She and her team have accelerated the bridging of more than 50 start-up companies in the Greater Bay Area for smart manufacturing and expanding the Chinese market. In addition, she is also cooperating with other partners to establish more accelerator programs in different vertical areas in the Greater Bay Area and corporates to carry out corporate internal and open innovations with the startups.

Spent her first half of career working with big brands and corporates including Vodafone, P&G, Starbucks, Ford, Wrigley’s, Qoros, Saatchi & Saatchi’s, WPP, Publics Group, etc. She has also tried out a couple of startup ideas after graduation. Later on, she headed up a Sales & Marketing team of 35 people in a Vodafone contracted marketing agency, and stepped into the technology world by joining an award winning mobile agency in China – FabriQate and became the Operations Director there for 3 years.

She is currently the guest mentor of Wework Labs, Accelerator IV, Startup Weekend, She Loves Tech,Singapore Slingshot. She has also worked for THero Global Startup Competition from 2017 to 2020, and supported Guangzhou International Innovation Festival from 2017 to 2020. Committed to promoting and promoting Guangzhou entrepreneurial and innovation.


2015年加入Brinc,Brinc是一个全球投资加速器,它为初创企业的整个生命周期的每个阶段赋予强大的生命力,帮助他们成功地打造可持续发展的企业。 目前在香港、广州、巴林、波兰波兹南、巴塞罗那、特拉维夫,印度科钦和澳洲悉尼都设有孵化器和办事处,全球每年一共运营9个加速Program,对物联网、机器人和无人机、新能源、食品科技等领域硬科技项目进行投资和加速。到目前,Brinc已经投资了115家来自全球92个国家的创业企业。现在,她正与当地和国际资源密切合作,打造科技创新创业生态圈和提高孵化投资质量。她和她的团队加速了超过50个初创企业对接大湾区智造和拓展中国市场。另外,她也正在协同其他合作伙伴在粤港澳大湾区建立更多不同垂直领域的加速Program和大企业展开企业创新合作,帮助更多创业企业加速其创业和大企业加速其创新能力。


现任Wework Labs, Accelerator IV, Startup Weekend, She Loves Tech、和新加坡创新周大赛Slingshot创业导师。2017-2020年天英汇大赛承办方项目负责人,2017-2020广州创新节合作支持机构项目负责人,致力推广和推动广州创业创新。

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