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Fan Qun


CEO of Guangzhou Guigu Science and Technology Park Co., Ltd., Doctor of Physics from Syracuse University

Dr. Fan has over 20-year experience of technological R&D and business administration, once worked as technical and senior manager in a technology company in the Silicon Valley. He now is the owner of over 30 U.S. and Chinese patents and applications, the author of over 20 papers, and an expert in new material high-throughput technology.

Dr. Fan is a member of the National Major Talent Project and the vice secretary of its association, a distinguished professor in Guangdong University of Technology and in South China Normal University, a leader of the key overseas Chinese entrepreneur team of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, a startup leader of the Guangzhou Hundred Talents Program, an outstanding expert of Guangzhou City, and an outstanding talent of Guangzhou Development District.

Dr. Fan is an executive member of the China Overseas Friendship Association, Vice Chairman of the Guangdong Overseas Scholars Association and the Guangdong Western Returned Scholars Association, Chairman of the Guangdong Overseas Chinese Startup Association, advisor to the Guangdong Western Returned Scholars Association, international adviser to “Investment Guangzhou” of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, and Executive Vice Chairman of the Huangpu Western Returned Scholars Association

From 2001 to 2005, Dr. Fan was the Chairman of the Silicon Valley Science and Technology Association, executive member and general secretary of the Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association, and Executive Chairman of the Silicon Valley Technology Council, during when he devoted himself to improving better exchanges of technology, investment and talents between China and foreign countries, which has earned him the “Honorary Citizen of Shenzhen”.

广州归谷科技园有限公司总裁、美国Syracuse University物理学博士



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