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Zhang Zhibo


Department head, Institute of Materials and Processing, Guangdong Academy of Sciences; PhD

Compounds (影响因子:3.138)、Materials & Design (影响因子:4.364)期刊审稿人。
He graduated from Kaiserslautern University of Technology, and visited the University of California, Davis as a visiting scholar twice. He has been engaged in research of metal alloy toughening, aluminum-silicon alloy composite materials, and material computation and data analysis based on gene engineering. He serves as the Director of the Metal Matrix Composite Database Technical Research Center of Guangdong Province. As a leader, he was engaged in a project under the National Natural Science Foundation in 2019, and undertook the material gene engineering project under the Guangdong Key R&D Program in 2018 as a subproject leader. He has applied for five invention patents and one software copyright in interface computation and database building, and published over 20 SCI papers, of which he is the first or corresponding author of 10 articles. He serves as a reviewer of Applied Surface Science (IF: 5.155), Journal of Alloys and Compounds (IF: 3.138), and Materials & Design (IF: 4.364).


毕业于德国凯泽斯劳滕工业大学,期间两次以访问学者身份赴美国加州大学Davis访问交流。长期从事金属合金强韧化及铝硅合金复合材料研究;同时围绕材料基因工程,开展材料计算与数据方面的研究。成功申报广东省金属基复合材料数据库工程技术研究中心并担任中心主任;作为课题负责人主持2019年国家自然科学基金项目1项;子课题负责人承担2018年广东省重点领域研发计划-材料基因工程专项;关于界面计算方法及数据库建设已经申请发明专利5项,软件著作权1项。已经发表相关SCI文章20篇,其中一作或通讯作者10篇,担任担任Applied Surface Science(影响因子:5.155)、 Journal of Alloys and Compounds (影响因子:3.138)、Materials & Design (影响因子:4.364)期刊审稿人。
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