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Guo Xin


Level-2 professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST)

He is a participant in the state-level talent program, a member of the Committee on Solid State Ionics, an editorial board member of the international journal Solid State Ionics, and a judge of the academic award of the International Society for Solid State Ionics. Before returning to China, he was a lifelong senior research fellow of the Research Center Juelich in Germany, and had been doing research work at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research for many years. He received the Ross Coffin Purdy Award of the American Ceramic Society in 2005, and has delivered over 80 invited reports at domestic and overseas mainstream academic conferences (e.g., MRS, E-MRS, ECS, MS&T, SSI), and domestic and overseas famous universities and research institutes (e.g., the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the Max Planck Institute, Tsinghua University, Peking University, the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), and published over 150 papers on academic journals such as Science, Advanced Materials and Advanced Functional Materials. After returning to China in 2012, he established the Laboratory of Solid State Ionics. His research can be summarized as “applications of SSI and mixed conductors in such fields as information, energy and environment”, including brain-like chips and AI, solid state electrolytes and batteries, and gas sensors and artificial olfaction.


国家级人才项目,中国固态离子学会理事,国际期刊“Solid State Ionics”编委,国际固态离子学会(International Society for Solid State Ionics)学术奖评审委员。回国前任德国于利希研究中心(Research Center Juelich)终身高级研究员,之前在德国马普固体研究所(Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research)从事研究工作多年。2005年获美国陶瓷协会学术奖Ross Coffin Purdy Award。在国内外主流学术会议(如MRS, E-MRS, ECS, MS&T, SSI等)及国内外著名高校和研究机构(如麻省理工学院、斯坦福大学、瑞士联邦工学院、德国马普研究所、清华大学、北京大学和中科院物理所等)作过80余场邀请报告,在Science、Advanced Materials、Advanced Functional Materials等学术期刊发表论文150余篇。2012年全职回国后创建了“固态离子学实验室”,其研究领域可概括为“固态离子导体与混合导体及其在信息、能源与环境等领域的应用”。具体研究领域有: 1.类脑芯片与人工智能,2.固体电解质与固态电池,3.气敏传感器及人工嗅觉。
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