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Korzhyk Volodymyr


the Ukrainian President of the China-Ukraine Paton Welding Institute

He is a doctor of science and technology, a member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, and also a member of the National talent project. He now takes the position of a divisional director of the Ukraine Paton Welding Institute, as well as the Ukrainian President of the China-Ukraine Paton Welding Institute. He is honored with the Chinese Government Friendship Award, the title of National Distinguished Expert, an honorary citizen of Guangzhou. He is also awarded with the Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award of Guangdong Province, the International Friendship Award of Guangdong Province, the National Scientific and Technological Award of Ukraine, the Cross of Ukraine and Nikolai Ostrovsky National Award (Ukraine). He has published 350 scientific research works, including 8 monographs and 85 patents. In 2012, the innovation and entreprise team “advanced manufacturing technologies of laser and plasma” led by him was introduced in the third batch under the Pearl River Talent Program.

Korzhyk Volodymyr has established and led a research team on physical properties of plasma and electric arc, developed a composite plasma technology based on high energy beam technologies, which has been applied to the processing, production, welding and permanent connection of new materials and coatings. He has been engaged in technology development and application in fields like environmental protection, energy, shipbuilding, marine engineering, petroleum and natural gas extraction, aviation, rail and automobile transportation and so on. He plays an active part in R&D work of Chinese research institutes and industrial enterprises, extending advanced welding technologies to nuclear power, including high-efficient composite plasma welding “plasma-MIG”, double-strip electroslag buildup welding and active flux welding, and develops equipment and technologies for supersonic plasma spraying and spherical tungsten carbide powder preparation by plasma atomization.



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