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Li Deyi


Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering/Research fellow of the Academy of Military Sciences PLA China

Li Deyi received his Doctoral Degree from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK, in 1983. Currently, he is an academician at both the Chinese Academy of Engineering and International Academy of Sciences for Europe and Asia, President of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, and Director of China Cloud Computing Expert Committee as well as being adjunct professor and doctoral supervisor at Tsinghua University and the National Defense University. As one of the first scholars studying in the UK after the reform and opening-up, he was honored as a returning overseas scholar and young/middle-aged expert making outstanding contributions. Supported by special government allowance, he also obtained the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation and Significant Contribution Award for Military Professional Technology. He has published three English-version monographs, two Chinese-version monographs, and seven books of a technology series as an editor-in-chief. He also obtained over ten national patents for inventions. He has presented over one hundred academic papers, with two paper cited over a thousand times among and accumulative ten thousand citations in total. Meanwhile, he has cultivated a hundred or more students with doctoral and master’s degrees.


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