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Li Na


Chief Architect of the South China Region of Shanghai YITU Technology

She is a holder of a master's degree in Electromechanical Engineering from the Harbin Institute of Technology, a Senior Project Manager and a member of the Artificial Intelligence Committee of Guangdong Province. She has worked in the mainstream manufacturers in the security industry and has been engaged in the system design and implementation plan for video monitoring and application technology, power environment monitoring and IoT technology as well as video intelligent application. As of one of the persons in charge of the solution architecture, she has participated in and lead a lot of projects of over 10 million yuan, and played a key role in the development of analogy monitoring and digital monitoring to network monitory for the companies and in the combination with the implementation of new technologies, and has a profound understanding and experience of development path of the security industry.
Currently, she has participated in the planning of heavyweight and strategic projects and the technical demonstration and analysis of the introduction of new technologies and new scenarios for several companies, has supported the implementation of several face recognition application projects and has a deep understanding and practical experience of the effect of artificial intelligence on the traditional security.


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