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Naiqian Zhang


Professor at the Kansas State University

As a professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Agricultural Engineering And Biology of the Kansas State University, he is devoted to the research of application of sensor technology, machine vision technology, hyperspectral Imaging technology and intelligent control in agriculture. Currently, he is the chief editor of the Information and Electronics Department of the Transaction of ASABE and also a world well-known expert in agricultural engineering. Moreover, he was the winner of 2011 ASABE Fellow and the first President of the Association of Overseas Chinese Agricultural, Biological, and Food Engineers (AOCABFE).


美国堪萨斯州立大学农业工程与生物系教授、博士生导师,主要致力于传感器技术、机器视觉技术、高光谱成像技术及智能控制在农业上的应用等的研究。目前担任《Transaction of ASABE》学术期刊信息与电子部的主编,是世界著名的农业工程专家,也是美国农业生物工程师学会2011年度会士荣誉(ASABEFellow)获得者,第一届海外华人农业、生物和食品工程师协会主席。
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