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Nikolaos Sygrimis

尼科劳斯 · 西格里米斯

Professor at the University of Patras

A professor at the University of Patras, an initiator and the first chairman of ICT of the International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR). Graduated from Cornell University with  a major in Electrical Engineering, he is a pioneer of the application of RFID technology in agriculture. His main research direction is smart agriculture and he is committed to the quick collection sensor development for crop production information, intelligent control and the safe production tracing of agricultural products. He has presided over smart-agriculture-related science and technology projects of the EU, Greece and between China and Greece. He has worked in the editorial boards of 5  international academic journals, has been a guest editor of COMPAG and IEEE-CSM and has published more than 100 papers.


希腊雅典农业大学教授,国际农业和生物系统工程委员会(International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering - CIGR)ICT分会发起人和第一任主席。毕业于美国康奈尔大学Electrical Engineering专业,是RFID技术在农业中应用的开拓者。主要研究方向为智慧农业,致力于作物生产信息的快速采集传感器开发、智能控制以及农产品安全生产溯源,主持了欧盟、希腊以及中-希合作项目等智慧农业相关的科技项目。参与5种国际学术期刊的编辑委员会工作,并担任COMPAG和IEEE-CSM的客座编辑,已发表论文100多篇。
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