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Kondo Naoshi


Director/Professor of the Division of Regional Environmental Science and Technology (Agricultural Engineering) of the Department of Agriculture of the Kyoto University

Professor Kondo Naoshi is an international famous agricultural robot expert. He has made remarkable achievements in biological production robots for harvesting vegetables and fruits, such as cucumber picking robot and grape picking robot, as well as in uragricultural product quality inspection, and he has won many awards bother internationally and in Japan. He has published more than 20 books and monographs, issued hundred of influential papers, obtained over 20 patents, published more than 20 papers in international conferences, and made more than 300 reports in international conferences.


Kondo Naoshi(近藤直)教授是国际著名农业机器人专家。在生物生产机器人如黄瓜采摘、葡萄采摘机器人等蔬菜水果收获机器人领域及农产品品质检测领域取得了显著的成就,在国际及日本国内多次获奖,出版书籍和专著共20余部,发表有影响的论文上百篇,获专利20余项,发表国际会议论文70多篇,在国际会议上做报告达300多次。
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