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Zhou Bowen


Jingdong Group
Vice president

As the Vice President of Jingdong Group and the head of AI Platform and Research Department, he directly reports to Liu Qiangdong, Chairman and Executive Officer of Jingdong Group. As a principal technical accomplisher, Zhou Bowen has received several IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards and Outstanding Technology Invention Awards while serving at IBM. In addition, he has received the IBM Outstanding Technology Leadership Achievement Award and IBM’s highest award “Best of IBM”. He is currently the vice president of Jingdong Group and the head of AI research and platform business.


京东集团副总裁,AI平台与研究部负责人,向京东集团董事局主席兼执行官刘强东汇报。作为主要技术完成人,周伯文IBM公司任职时曾获得多个 IBM 杰出技术成就奖和杰出技术发明奖。此外,还曾获 IBM 杰出技术领导成就奖和 IBM 公司最高奖“Best of IBM”。现任京东集团副总裁,AI研究与平台业务负责人。
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