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Jan Smejkal


Swiss bank
China/Global Technical Supervisor

As the community builder of Science and Technology in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and a member of the Credit Suisse China team (Credit Suisse Founder Securities), he cooperates with our offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen to gain unprecedented opportunities in China's technology and China market with their clients. Jan has run the world’s largest entrepreneurial community named Startup Grind in China and the Asia Pacific region. In less than 24 months, China's Startup Grind has grown more than five times and expanded to more than 25 cities, organizing regular events and influencing the innovation environment in China and beyond.


粤港澳大湾区科技community builder。Jan瑞士信贷中国团队(瑞士信贷创始人证券)的一员,并与我们在北京,香港,上海和深圳的办事处合作,以自己的客户获得前所未有的中国科技和中国市场相关机会。Jan曾在中国和亚太地区经营着世界上最大的企业家社区(Startup Grind)。在不到24个月的时间里,中国的Startup Grind社区已经发展了超过5倍至25个以上的活跃城市,举办定期活动并影响中国及其他地区的创新环境。
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