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Alex Huang


Segway-Ninebot Company
Vice President ; President of China Business Center and Vice President of Americas Business Center

More than ten years of experience in marketing management, brand building and overseas regional management of multinational companies, familiar with B2C, B2B, online and offline sales and channel management. The markets maneged by Mr Huang including China, the United States, Southeast Asia, Latin America, North Africa, Eastern Europe, etc. And  the business volume exceeds 5 billion yuan.
At the end of September 2018, Mr Huang leaded his team working closely with Indiegogo and created a new record in the history of American crowdfunding: They  launched two crowdfunding campaigns under the same brand and both of them  hit more than 1 million US dollars at the same time.  All shipments have been completed in November.


十余年跨国公司营销管理、品牌建设和海外区域管理的运营经验, 熟悉B2C、B2B,线上、线下销售与渠道管理模式,管幅范围包括中国、美国、东南亚、拉美、北非、东欧等区域,业务额超过50亿元。

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