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Carter Laren

卡特 拉仁

Ding Ventures
Venture Partner

He is a venture partner at Ding Ventures and an expert on Cryptography. He was an early member of the Cryptography Research company of the United States (it was acquired for 350 million dollars). He is one of the inventors of blue-ray disc technology. This technology was adopted by apple, Disney, SONY, Direct TV and other large companies. The company was later acquired by Rovi for $70 million. As the main business unit of Rovi, it was subsequently acquired by TV Guide for $2.8 billion. Prior to that he was an engineer at Rockhill Martin and L3 systems, designing and manufacturing encryption technologies and devices. He has also founded the Gateway incubator and the foundation. He holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from the university of Pennsylvania.


他是远迹资本风险合伙人,加密学专家,曾经是美国加密研究公司早期成员之一(3.5亿美元被收购)。蓝光碟技术的发明人之一,技术被苹果,迪士尼,索尼,美国卫星电视等多家大公司采用,公司后被乐威以7千万美元收购,作为乐威主要业务单位后续以28亿美元被电视指南(美国知名的电视类刊物)收购。在此之前他是洛克希尔马丁以及L3 系统的工程师,设计制造加密技术和设备。他还创建了捷威 孵化器以及基金。他获得宾夕法尼亚大学电子工程硕士学位。
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