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Allen Zhang


Crazybaby Inc.

Allen is the current founder of Crazybaby. He previously served as TCL's product and marketing director. After leaving TCL in 2007, he started Kinspring, a company focused on product design and supply chain management, with his former colleagues in the supply chain and overseas sales. He has served for companies such as Polaroid Corporation, Skullcandy and Disney. In 2014, Mars by Crazybaby, a magnetic levitation speaker designed and developed by Allen, achieved success in the Indiegogo crowdfunding in North America. It raised $610,000 within two months, and more than $750,000 by July 2015. In 2015, Mars maglev audio designed by him won the German 2016 red dot product award.


张海星现任 疯童公司创始人 。2004年-2006年 TCL 音视频战略本部,产品和营销总监。张海星前期曾任TCL产品和营销主管;2007年离职后,联合以前团队中供应链和海外销售的同事,创办了以产品设计与供应链管理为主要业务的金斯乒公司,曾为 宝丽来、斯酷凯蒂、迪士尼等公司提供服务。2014年张海星带领团队设计研制的磁悬浮音箱“疯童火星”在北美英迪哥众筹取得成功,在两个月的时间内筹款了61万美金,2015年7月,已经筹集了超过75万美金。2015年,由其设计的火星 磁悬浮音响获得德国2016年红点奖。
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