Speakers 演讲嘉宾

Lei Zhang


Swiss-Sino Innovation Center
Executive Vice President

Zhang is global medical director of Bayer medical and business mentor of Bayer digital medical incubator. He is the lecturer in biopharmaceutical industrial policy and innovation management, university of Switzerland. He holds PhD in biology of ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He has served in Pfizer and Bayer pharmaceutical global r&d, innovation, business development and medical affairs departments, and participated in the establishment of Swiss biotechnology company and Swiss incubator platform. Dr. Zhang actively assisted Chinese capital and enterprises in docking European advanced technology and early projects, participated in merger and acquisition cases and integration of r&d of large European and American pharmaceutical companies in China, and assisted Chinese industrial parks in introducing European advanced technology projects and high-end talents.


拜耳医药全球医疗总监,拜耳数字化医疗孵化器创业导师。瑞士大学“生物医药产业政策和创新管理”课程讲师。瑞士苏黎世联邦理工大学(ETH Zurich)生物学博士。曾供职于辉瑞制药和拜耳医药全球研发、创新、商务拓展和医学事务等部门,并参与创建瑞士生物技术公司和瑞士孵化器平台。张博士积极协助中国资本和企业对接欧洲先进技术和早期项目,并曾参与欧美大型医药公司在中国的并购案以及研发方面的整合,并协助中国产业园区引进欧洲先进技术项目和高端人才。
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