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Anson Bailey


Partner, Business Development at KPMG China/ Head of Consumer & Retail ASPAC,Head of Technology Hong Kong

Anson joined KPMG Hong Kong in 1999 and is now in charge of consumer goods retail business in Hong Kong. He is a member of KPMG's Asia Pacific consumer retail business leadership group, is also a member of the global technology innovation centre, and serves as director of technology, media and telecommunications in Hong Kong.
Anson is a frequent contributor to leading-edge thinking reports, providing innovative technology and consumer-related expertise to executives in China and Asia, as well as helping companies understand our complex markets and the extent of disruption seen in his recent book.
Today, Anson is not only guiding the next generation of KPMG professionals into the marketplace, he continues to be a trusted advisor to an increasing number of executives, providing the best advice on customer innovation, and managing partner of KPMG's Asia Pacific consumer and technology strategy partners.

消费品零售行业主管合伙人(亚太区)/ 香港区科技行业主管合伙人



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