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Chibo Tang


Gobi Partners Inc.
Managing Director

Tang joined Gobi in 2009 and currently focuses on sports, culture, mass consumption and medical technology. He was work for a Shanghai management consulting firm Monitor Group work for several years, responsible for business in six countries and regions such as southeast Asia and the Middle East. He provide services in market development and operation strategy. After that, he served as vice President of digital media group (DMG), responsible for corporate management, development cooperation and investor relations, and served as senior manager of corporate strategy for Asia Pacific region at Bosch.
Gobi partners is a Shanghai-based venture capital firm with offices in China and Asean. In Hong Kong, Gobi manages Alibaba's Hong Kong entrepreneur fund, which invests in local entrepreneurs and fosters a local entrepreneurial ecosystem. The fund invests in a wide range of industries, including consumer, Fintech, Internet of things, etc.


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