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Johannes Vizethum


Snr.Advisor with ISPREDICT GmbH, Member of Prof. Scheer Holding,Saarbruecken/Germany

Board Member with IKARA VISION SYSTEMS -a spin off the German Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence/DFKI,Kaiserslautern/Germany

Int.Business Director with ANSHU CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Co. Ltd., Hefei-Shenzhen

Johannes Vizethum is a Senior Advisor working with leading German and Chinese R&D entities and IT providers in the key areas of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Augmented/Virtual Reality and Experimental Software Engineering/Digital Twin. Being a skilled senior professional Johannes has been with the leading global players in IT SW/HW like DEC, BT Global and Nokia Corp. for more than 25 years. 
In an analyst and project development role, Johannes is focusing on designing use and business cases for Digitization and related services in various industries in western as well as in emerging markets, specifically China. In this context, Johannes regularly is invited as a speaker at knowledge and innovation conferences in China. As a partner of leading innovation funds forming cooperation with selected financial western contributors and incubators/accelerators in areas as environmental, energy, big data/analysis, and block chain.
Most recently being responsible for designing leading Tech Cooperation-initiatives based on close relationship with European R&D entities as the German Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence/DFKI, Fraunhofer Institute and selected universities to spearhead new application-areas for AI and Cognitive AR/VR - focusing on relevant use cases as Predictive Intelligence and Energy Efficiency.


作为一名熟练的资深专业人士,约翰内斯已经在全球领先的IT软件/硬件公司如美国数字设备公司, 英国电信集团和诺基亚公司工作了超过25年。
约翰内斯早期作为一名分析师和项目开发人员,专注于为西方以及新兴市场(尤其是中国)的各个行业的数字化和相关服务设计使用和商业案例。在这种背景下,约翰内斯经常被邀请作为中国知识与创新会议的演讲者。作为领先创新基金的合作伙伴,在环境,能源,大数据/分析和区块链等领域与选定的金融西方贡献者和孵化器/加速器形成合作。他最近负责设计领先科技的合作举措基于密切关系与欧洲研发实体作为人工智能的德国研究所/ DFKI,弗劳恩霍夫研究所和选定的大学先锋新应用领域,人工智能和认知增强现实 / 虚拟现实 -关注相关用例预测情报和能源效率。

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