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Manav Gupta



Manav Gupta is a technology visionary, strategist and serial entrepreneur. Having spent the past decade to developing tech and startup ecosystems in China, he is familiar with the hurdles hardware companies face in getting products that drive deep consumer engagement to market. Prior to Brinc, Manav was CEO and co-founder of FabriQate, an award-winning mobile innovation company based in London.
Manav has been deeply committed the past decade to growing tech and startup ecosystems in South China. And he is active in the tech ecosystem in South China and has organized a number of TEDx events, helping launch Guangzhou’s first Mobile Monday and Hong Kong’s first consumer IoT summit, LAUNCH in 2016. He has been covered by Bloomberg, CNN, FT, Forbes.com, China Daily, and a variety of other media outlets. Manav is also a regular speaker at events including most recently at Web Summit’s RISE, 4YFN at Mobile World Congress, Shenzhen Maker Faire and AVCJ Forum.



在过去的十年中,马纳一直致力于发展中国南方的科技和创业生态系统。同时,他活跃在华南地区的科技生态圈,并组织了多个TEDx活动,助力推出广州第一个”移动星期一“和香港首个消费者物联网峰会——2016年消费者物联网峰会。曾被彭博、美国有线电视新闻网络、金融时报、福布斯、中国日报等多家媒体采访。 马纳同时还是睿思网络峰会、移动世界大会、深圳创客嘉年华和亚洲创业投资期刊论坛等大型活动的常规演讲嘉宾.

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