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Marta Dowejko

玛尔塔 多菲克

Hong Kong Baptist University
Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Marta Dowejko received her doctoral degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Hong Kong. Prior to this, she has gained her professional experience in Europe and Asia. Her research interests include entrepreneurial networks, start-up mentoring, and strategic entrepreneurship. Currently, she serves as Research Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Her most recent entrepreneurship research Her recent research addressing the opportunities and challenges of the megalopolis of HK and Shenzhen as Asia’s entrepreneurship hub was well received by local and international media, policymakers and industry associations.


玛尔塔 多菲克博士在香港大学获得创业学博士学位。在此之前,她已经在欧洲和亚洲获得了专业经验。她的研究兴趣包括创业网络、创业指导和战略创业。现为香港浸会大学研究助理教授。她最近针对香港和深圳作为亚洲创业中心的大都市所面临的机遇和挑战所做的研究,受到了当地和国际媒体、政策制定者和行业协会的欢迎。
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