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Stefano Passarello

斯特凡诺 帕萨雷洛

Managing Director

Stefano Passarello is the Managing Director – North Asia for Hawksford, and former Managing Partner of People & Projects (P&P). He founded P&P in 2007 and grew the company from Hong Kong to 10 global offices serving 1500 clients before it was acquired by Hawksford. Stefano is the official mentor for many startup programs and is frequently invited to speak about business, entrepreneurship and innovation. He is the Treasurer and Board of the Directors of the Italian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, as well as the Vice Chairman of the Chamber's Retail Committee. In 2017, Stefano was invited to be the Program Director of StartIT.Asia, an innovative program organized by the Italian Consulate General in Hong Kong to attract and select high potential Italian startups to come to Asia.


斯特凡诺是P&P公司的管理合伙人。他于2007年创立了P&P公司,将公司从香港发展到10个全球办事处,服务于1500个客户。2018年霍克斯福特公司收购P&P公司后,斯特凡诺成为该公司的股东和总经理。他是各种创业项目的官方导师,经常被邀请谈论商业和创业。他是意大利商会的财务主管和董事会成员,也是“开启亚洲IT” 的项目总监,这是由意大利驻香港总领事馆组织的一项创新计划,旨在挑选极具潜力的意大利初创企业进入亚洲。
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