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Lourdes Casanova


Cornell University
Dean of the Emerging Markets Institute

Lourdes S. Casanova is an academic, author and currently a Senior Lecturer of Management at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management and Director of the Emerging Markets Institute at Cornell University. Before her appointment to Johnson School, Casanova was a lecturer in the Strategy Department at INSEAD. She specializes in international business with a focus on multinationals from emerging markets. Her research interests cover corporate social responsibility in emerging multinationals,women in business, family business and innovation in emerging markets. Her book Entrepreneurship and the Finance of Innovation in Emerging Markets was newly published in 2017.

康奈尔大学 新兴市场学院院长

鲁德斯·卡沙诺瓦是一名学者、作家,现为塞缪尔·柯蒂斯·约翰逊管理研究生院管理学高级讲师,也是康奈尔大学新兴市场研究院院长。在被聘为约翰逊商学院(Johnson School)前,卡萨诺瓦是欧洲工商管理学院(INSEAD)战略系的讲师。她专注于国际业务,特别是新兴市场的跨国公司。她的研究领域涵盖新兴跨国公司的企业社会责任、女性的商界地位、家族企业、新兴市场与科技创新。 2017年她出版了她的最新著作《新兴市场的创业精神与创新金融》。
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