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Michael Bruck


SRI International
Regional Consultant

Mr. Bruck has thirty years of experience in technology management and technology financing from Silicon Valley, Wall Street and extensive experience in China and Hong Kong. Mr. Bruck has held several positions in technology and general management as well as finance. Mr. Bruck’s technical education and early career in Silicon Valley serve as the foundation for his experience. Mr. Bruck’s specialty is in working with incubator and early stage companies on defining the strategy for their products and companies and taking them to market and early financing rounds. He is an accomplished entrepreneur with his own advisory firm founded in Hong Kong.


在硅谷,华尔街拥有三十年的技术管理和技术融资经验,并在中国和香港拥有丰富的实践经验。曾在技术,综合管理和财务领域担任多个职位。 布鲁克先生的专长是与孵化器和早期公司合作,为他们的产品和公司制定战略,并将其推向市场和早期融资轮次。他是一位在富有成就的企业家,香港拥有自己的咨询公司。
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