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Relying on the transformation strategy of China Mobile's smart home market, and using China Mobile's channels, brands and comprehensive capabilities, our company provides smart community software platform, property service management, equipment and facilities management capabilities and other scene applications. Through the smart community platform, it creates a new online integration channel and forms an online entrance for smart families.
Our company's shareholders and key personnel are from ICT of China Mobile Guangdong company and informatization and data-based departments of Time Real Estate Group, and have rich working experience and accumulation in the two industries. Therefore, the company has the following three core products and comparative advantages: SaaS based property service management and equipment and facilities management and other scenarios of smart community core software; Internet of Things middle platform and its protocol with strong scalability and adaptability for community / park equipment; and intelligent hardware such as industrial Internet of Things gateway and all kinds of access control.
Through the above products, combined with China Mobile's smart community / smart family transformation strategy, the company has completed the informatization of community property services, the online of families and individual customers, and the digitalization of community grassroots governance. So as to realize the company's software product sales and long tail customized development and maintenance services, large-scale sales and maintenance of intelligent hardware products, and long tail operation service cooperation and sharing in the follow-up community / family market.
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