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A focus on robot, servo motor, high-end CNC system development and production of high-tech enterprises.

Founded in Shunde Foshan in 2010, the company transformed from a trading company to a manufacturing technology enterprise in 2017.Customer base throughout the country, has grown into a certain size of CNC product manufacturers

The founder has nearly 10 years of industry market experience, and his core team includes 1 postdoctoral fellow and 2 doctoral fellow who are good at software and algorithm, and has in-depth research on numerical control system, robot control algorithm and servo software algorithm.

At present, the project is in its growth stage. A number of independently developed products have been successfully put into the market, which are widely used in advanced manufacturing industries such as automatic production line, CNC machine tool, robot body, lithium battery and 3C electronics industry.

Relying on the existing production capacity, focusing on the continuous technical accumulation of the main industry, the company's independent research and development ability and core competitiveness are constantly improving. As a high-end intelligent manufacturing enterprise, the company plans to step into the capital market and seek to accelerate development with the help of capital power to achieve the breakthrough of intelligent manufacturing.

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