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⽹思 AlphaMind 平台作为⼀个集成包括⾃然语⾔处理,机器视觉和知识图谱等主流⼈⼯智能关键技术的企业级智能化平台,能为企业提供丰富的智能 API和⼯具,让开发⼈员在少量的 AI、算法的知识的情况下利⽤⾏业数据轻松搭建、部署 AI 模型,构建解决⽅案。同时,AlphaMind平台可以基于客户的要求以多种形式部署,既可作为⼀个整体平台,也 可在客户的 IT 系统中简单的作为关键模块,或者适配于任何公有或私有云平台。并且,AlphaMind 平台拥有丰富的客户项⽬经验和在银⾏、 ⾦融、制造、通讯领域的知识积累, 能够提供丰富的⾏业数据模型帮 助客户快速落地 AI

AlphaMind platform as an integrated including natural language processing, machine vision and knowledge map and other mainstream AI key technologies of the enterprise intelligent platform, can provide enterprises with a wealth of intelligent APIs and tools, so that developers can easily build and deploy AI models or solutions with a small amount of AI, algorithmic knowledge by using industry data. At the same time, the AlphaMind platform can be deployed in multiple forms based on customer requirements, either as a single platform or simply as a key module in the customer's IT system, or suitable for any public or private cloud platform. In addition, alphaMind platform has a wealth of customer project experience and knowledge in the banking, finance, manufacturing, communications fields, can provide a wealth of industry data models to help customers quickly fulfill AI capabilities.

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