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Aquilafly Cloud Intelligence Co., Ltd. was officially established on March 8, 2018, has a registered capital of 13.37 million. It is composed of a top domestic space management team, an international first-class technical team on cloud computing and a world-renowned solution provider of Internet of Things system .

Nowadays, the company has the necessity to take the realization of future insight of network collaboration and data intelligence as its own responsibility in the face of the offline physical space. Besides, the company has the necessity to accelerate the online process of offline physical space on the basis of the new generation of Internet of things technology and Internet cloud platform technology. According to the data logic of "adoption of general purpose", it is necessary to take MOS technology and CDP product components as technical input, which can serve the global consumption asset management and ONE marketing demand of commercial ecology, so as to become the leader of commercial digital intelligence in China.


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