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QUALSEN Technologies Co.,Ltd launched the world's first optical cable patrol analyzer products and optical cable resource application management system. Firstly, it solves the pain points such as "difficult acquisition" and "distortion" of traditional optical cable data sources in the network optimization and maintenance. Secondly, by opening the data source through the technical interface and embedding it into the operator's information platform, the system achieves one-button direct design, quick and accurate acceptance, hidden trouble prediction, visible fault, quick repair and efficient cutover, thus greatly improving the construction, operation and maintenance management efficiency of transmission optical cable network and significantly reducing the operation and maintenance cost. It has successfully solved the common problems such as low efficiency and high cost of fiber optic cable detection and maintenance in network operation after the large-scale construction of 5G mobile communication network. The system is also applicable to 2G, 3G, 4G and other mobile communication network and power communication, industrial Internet and other application scenarios of the demand for intelligent, automatic detection of optical cable, can create significant social and economic benefits.

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