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The new era is an era of explosive growth of big data. Data security is the key to ensuring efficient and secure application of big data. How to solve the security and efficient use of big data is a major problem of big data security, network and information security and even national security.

At the beginning of 2017, Kingyea Software was approved by the Security Department of the Ministry of Public Security to participate in the formulation of the cross-domain security exchange standard of the Ministry of Public Security, and started the research and development of the third generation data security exchange system of Kingyea together with the First and Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security. By June 2020, the system has been successfully applied to data exchange, business coordination, mobile police, smart livelihood services and other projects in dozens of provincial and municipal public security, political law, discipline inspection, government affairs and other departments.

The company plans to expand and promote the third generation of Kingyea data security exchange system to the government, national defense, aerospace, finance and other fields with private networks, but the third generation system of complex, high cost, is a set of "2 + 1" software and hardware system of safety equipment, currently only widely used in public security and legal system, how to reduce product price and use cost is the main problem in our industrialization process. Therefore, the company introduced investment research and development to promote the fourth generation of network boundary efficient strong security exchange products, named "Kingyea Data security intelligent exchange system".

Based on the third generation of products, this product integrates double optical isolation circuit exchange module, adopts pure domestic chip, operating system-level components, highly integrated, is a high safety, high performance, high reliability of pure domestic chip software and hardware integration cross-network data exchange fusion equipment. The product realizes the independent control, the deployment is simple, the performance is superior, the price is friendly the advantage characteristic.

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