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随着智能电子产品性能的日益强大和体积的逐渐减小,其内部芯片的热功耗或热流密度越来越高,而散热空间却越来越小,导致其散热困难,发热严重。特别是5G时代下,爆炸式增长的数据流量和多元化的应用需求,使得芯片的功耗进一步增加。未来,5G智能手机的功耗将普遍在5-8 W,且具有多个热源(处理器、射频、电源管理芯片、摄像头等)。因此开发超薄型的高效导热元件,提升当下轻薄便携型电子产品的散热能力成为解决其发热难题的关键。本项目针对5G终端产品高功耗、芯片热源增多等新型散热难题,开发出大表面积、复杂形状超薄均热板(厚度≤0.4 mm)的制造新方法,形成一整套具有自主知识产权的自动化新型均热板装备,为5G智能终端产品提供高效低成本的热控制器件。

With the increasingly powerful performance and gradual reduction of the size of electronic products, the thermal power consumption or heat flux of their internal chips is getting higher and higher, while the heat dissipation space is getting smaller and smaller, which leads to difficulty in heat dissipation and serious heat generation. Especially in the 5G era, the explosive growth of data traffic and diversified application requirements have further increased the power consumption of the chip. In the future, the power consumption of 5G smartphones will generally be 5~8 W, and they will have multiple heat sources (processor, radio frequency, power management chip, camera, etc.). Therefore, the development of ultra-thin and high-efficiency heat-conducting components and improving the heat dissipation capacity of current light and thin portable electronic products have become the key to solving the heat problem. In response to heat dissipation problems such as high-power consumption of 5G electronic products and increased chip heat sources, this project has developed a new manufacturing method for large surface area and complex shape ultra-thin vapor chamber (thickness ≤ 0.4 mm) and designed a complete set of automation equipment with independent intellectual property rights. Provide high-efficiency and low-cost thermal control devices for 5G electronic products.

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