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2019 Guangzhou International Innovation Festival, co-organized by the Tianhe District People's Government of Guangzhou, Office of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal People's government together with the Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, will be held in Tianhe District of Guangzhou from Nov.2 to 4, 2019. With the theme of “Innovation and Intelligence Leads to A Better Future”, 2019 Guangzhou International Innovation Festival will continue to adopt the model of “1+N+N”, namely, taking one innovation forum as the main event and integrating with a wide range of innovation-related events and innovative brands. The major participants include leading countries and regions in the fields of new generation information technology, artificial intelligence industry, high-end equipment manufacturing, digital economy, cultural and creative industries, academicians and scholars of well-known domestic colleges and universities, enterprise executives, investors, start-ups as well as enterprises, projects and teams. During this festival, a variety of events will be set up, such as opening ceremony, theme forum, T-Hero International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competitions, innovation matching initiatives, exchanges of “The Night of Innovating for The Future”, product hands-on of multiple innovative brands and visits to innovative enterprises.

2019广州国际创新节,是由广州市天河区人民政府、广州市人民政府外事办公室、广州市科学技术局联合主办,将于2019年11月2日至4日在广州天河区举行。2019广州国际创新节将以“汇智花城 聚力创新”为主题,继续采取(1+N+N)的模式,即以1个创新论坛为中心,N个创新活动及N个创新品牌并行,重点邀请在新一代信息技术、人工智能产业、高端装备制造、数字经济、文化创意产业等领域领先的国家与地区、国内知名高校院所院士专家及学者、企业高管、投资人、初创企业等专业人士以及企业、项目和团队,设置开幕式、主题论坛、天英汇国际创新创业大赛、创新配套活动、“创新未来之夜”交流活动、“众新云集”产品体验及创新企业考察等活动。


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Welcome to Guangzhou, an international city pulsing with the rhythm of innovation.

Innovation is the beating heart of any great metropolis. For the past two millennia, the city of Guangzhou has been innovating with the times, reinventing itself for new generations.

This November, join us as we celebrate the spirit of innovation that has defined this great city with a festival that showcases everything the City of Flowers has to offer.





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Dr. Yossi Vardi


Israeli venture capital expert / doctor 
Honorary President of the GIIF

He is the “father of Israeli technology entrepreneurship”, and founder and investor of ICQ – the pioneer of instant communication software. In the past 40 years, he invested in as many as 86 Internet startups in such industries as software, clean energy and the Internet. With his magic, some of these companies have been sold to world-famous corporations like Microsoft, Yahoo and eBay. His business success has made him the spiritual idol of numerous entrepreneurs.




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Chen Xuegeng


Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering / professor at Shihezi University

He was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2013, and is an expert in agricultural machinery design and production. He has made significant contributions to the research and large-scale extended application of mechanized cotton production in Xinjiang, and won 24 provincial and ministerial technological progress prizes.


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Gao Wen


Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering / professor at Peking University

He was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2011, and is a computer expert. In 2010, he won the China Computer Federation Wang Xuan Award for his outstanding achievements in audio and video codec theory, standards and applications. He has won a second prize of the National Technological Invention Awards, and five national second prizes for technological progress.


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