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Jinheng Li


VIPSHOP- Director of Research Institute
Li Jinheng, Master of Computer Science at City University of Hong Kong, has 20 years of Internet technology experience. Before joining Vipshop, he served as CTO in Chinaccm, senior consultant engineer of Doubleclick Inc. in Asia Pacific, and technical manager of China.com.
In 2012, he joined Vipshop as the technical director of mobile application department. His leadership team successfully developed more than 10 product line which base on iOS and Android system, and Vipshop mobile application ranked No. 3 in the e-commerce.
In 2013, he become the head of the Guangzhou Research Institute, and led innovative research projects including express unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), drones, virtual fitting and 3D garment modeling, product image retrieval based on deep learning, courier route recommendation and time analysis.
        香港城市大学计算机硕士,具备二十年的互联网技术经验,在加入唯品会之前,曾担任中华商务网 CTO、Doubleclick Inc. 亚太区高级顾问工程师、中华网 China.com 技术经理,一个月内销售业绩过亿。
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