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Jonathan Ruane


MIT-AI lecturer and researcher 
Trinity College Dublin – Professor
Jonathan Ruane is a Professor at Trinity College Dublin. He is also a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Global Economics and Management (GEM) group and a member of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE). Jonathan co-founded MIT's Commercialization of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics graduate course in addition to faculty teaching positions in MBA, EMBA and Executive education programs. He is a Fulbright recipient, former Sloan Fellow at MIT and Lecturer at University College Dublin. Jonathan was CEO and co-founder of a VC backed SAAS startup that he subsequently sold as well as spending 7 years Procter & Gamble Europe. He was named in the Top 40 Irish Entrepreneurs Under 40 and is an experienced ultra-distance marathon runner including Marathon des Sables.

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