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Changzhu Li


Huawei--Vice President of consumer product line
Li Changzhu, the leader in the field of mobile intelligent terminal, is the vice president for the consumer mobile product line of Huawei. Li has given lots of speeches for many conventions and conferences, including MWC 2017, an annual event for mobile industry, and CE China, a trade fair of electronics and home appliances in Shenzhen. He has shared his ideas about the new age of intelligence, which has a great influence on the development of the industry. 
        作为移动智能终端领域的引领者,李昌竹是华为消费者业务手机产品线副总裁,曾在全球移动行业年度盛会——世界移动大会(MWC 2017)、中国深圳电子消费品及家电品牌展CE China等大型会议上担任演讲嘉宾,分享其对智能新时代的探索性思考,对行业发展具有深远的影响力。
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