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Tony Verb


GreaterBay Ventures & Advisors -Co-founder
Tony is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, venture capitalist and film produce.  He gained experience in corporate innovation and accelerator programmes and building ecosystems as partner of Nest.vc and co-founder of Mettā. He is a public engagement specialist for cities and large scale events.
In his spare time, Tony contributes to philanthropic projects and he is a proud member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community.
GreaterBay Ventures & Advisors--联合创始人
        Tony Verb是出色的全能商业家,既是连续创业者、创新者,也是风险投资专家。他支持创意产业,致力于建设创业生态系统,是风投机构Nest及创业家社区Mettā的合伙人。此外也是世界经济论坛-全球“缔造者”社区的成员。现关注大湾区发展生态。
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