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Michael Goodman


Centrance, Inc-Manging Director, Chief Product Architect
Michael started CEntrance as a consulting firm to foster innovation in the audio industry and the company soon became a leading technology licensing brand. CEntrance fostered design partnerships with a number of semiconductor firms and expanded its client base to over 100 top audio brands, such as Gibson, Harman, Korg, McIntosh, Line6, and Zoom.
CEntrance‘s current focus is on applications of IOT in media. Our new mobile audio platform transforms news reporting and music broadcast by making live, high-definition streaming affordable.
Centrance, Inc--经理及首席产品架构师
        作为一名连续创业家和音乐家,Michael 创立 CEntrance促进了世界音频行业的创新,并迅速成为领先的技术授权品牌。CEntrance促进了与多家半导体公司的设计合作伙伴关系,并将客户群扩展到100多个顶级音频品牌,如吉布森,哈曼,科尔,麦金托什等。
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