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Sam Zaid


Sam Zaid is driving change with Getaround, the leading peer-to-peer carsharing platform. His goal as founder and CEO is to impact one billion people in the next 10 years, by empowering them to share their cars through connected car technology. 
Sam is also passionate about fostering entrepreneurship and mentoring young founders. He founded the largest entrepreneurship community in Canada, Fresh Founders, which assists in the development of the next generation of young entrepreneurs. He has been recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Microsoft Code Award winner, San Francisco Business Times, 40 Under 40, and is an active speaker at entrepreneurship and technology conferences, including SXSW, Goldman Sachs, Web Summit and f.ounders.
Prior to Getaround, Sam founded 360pi, a retail price intelligence platform acquired by Market Track, and Apption, an enterprise software consultancy focused on big data and machine learning. Sam also holds a number of patents addressing topics including peer-to-peer file sharing, peer-to-peer carsharing, asset rental, and stream data processing.
        山姆还热衷于促进创业和指导年轻的创始人。他创立了加拿大最大的创业社区Fresh Founders,帮助发展下一代的年轻企业家。他曾获得年度安永企业家、微软代码大奖等美誉。
        在创立Getaround之前,曾建立了零售价格智能平台360pi(后被Market Track收购),和专注于大数据及机器学习的企业软件咨询公司Apption。此外, Sam还拥有多个专利,包括点对点共享、汽车共享、资产租赁和流数据处理等。
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