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Julian Lee


Ambi Climate-CEO
Julian is the CEO of Ambi Labs. Their product, Ambi Climate, is the world’s first A.I. powered smart accessory for air conditioners. Julian started his career in human factors engineering in the Singapore defence industry where he was exposed to design thinking, and developed a passion for designing solutions to everyday user problems. This was further honed during careers in strategy consulting and private equity, where Julian advised and invested in companies ranging from startups to leading multinationals, covering industries including telecommunications, electronics, biotech, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and insurance.
Ambi Climate--首席执行官
        Ambi Labs的首席执行官,其主打产品Ambi Climate是世界上第一个AI空调智能配件。 Julian Lee在新加坡国防工业的类人体技术工程中,开始了他设计思维的工作,并热衷于研究有关用户体验设计的解决方案。此外,在战略咨询和私募股权领域,他是一名投资专家,向创业公司及领先跨国公司投资,涵盖电信、电子、生物技术、医疗保健、医药和保险等行业。
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