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Rhett Power


Power Coaching and Consulting -Founder
Rhett has been a finalist for Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year twice and recognized with over 40 awards for design. Rhett recently was named one of the world’s top 100 business bloggers for 2016 and is a regular contributor on management and leadership to Inc., Success Magazine and CNBC. Additionally, his second best-selling book The Entrepreneurship Book of Actions, published by McGraw Hill. Rhett now runs and rapidly growing executive coaching and training practice in Washington DC.
Power Coaching and Consulting -- 创始人
        Rhett Power曾于2007年联合创立了Wild Creation玩具公司,并迅速发展成美国成长最快的公司之一。最近被评为2016年度世界100大商业博主之一,于今年两次入围安永年度最佳企业家奖,并获得40多项设计奖项。作为2016年度全球最优秀100名商业博主之一,担任著名商业杂志Inc、《成功杂志》 和美国财经频道CNBC栏目的常规撰稿人,出版了畅销书《The Entrepreneurship Book of Actions》。目前在华盛顿经营企业培训课程和实践培训,是一名出色的演讲者。
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