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Rinchy Teng


Startup Grind Guangzhou, Co-founder
PingWest Business Director, South of China; Director of Startup Grind Guangzhou, Co-founder of NGO: Lean In GZ and now is responsible as VP Product as well.
She has more than seven years of experience in marketing and business development in startup teams and communities, and help multiple Internet startups polish product from zero to one and promote to the market. In her spare time she runs a number of communities and NGO including: Startup Weekend, Startup Grind, Lean In, etc. She has organized and planned more than 100 events in 4 years, ranging in scale from a dozen to nearly a thousand people Involved.
Startup Grind创业磨坊--广州总负责人
        PINGWEST 品玩华南区商务总监,广州Startup Grind创业社区总负责人,女性社区 Lean In GZ的联合发起人,并担任产品副主席。
        7年的创业社区和创业团队市场营销和商务拓展经验,帮助多个互联网创业产品从0到1打磨并推出市场。业余时间运营多个社群并策划活动,包括:创业周末Startup Weekend, Startup Grind, Lean In等, 4年多的时间已累积组织和策划超过100场活动,活动规模从十几人到近千人均有涉及。
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