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Cheng Wang


Convert Lab--CTO
Cheng Wong, CTO and Co-Founder of Convertlab, is dedicated to provide domestic enterprises and marketers with cutting-edge SaaS Solutions for Digital Marketing in China.
Served in SAP China for over 10 years. As product director, successfully built SAP Anywhere, a front office software solution for small and medium sized enterprises, from zero to one with a team of around 300 engineers in product development/management.
Nearly 20-year experience in enterprise software, including software development, consultation and implementation, project management, product management, team management, etc. Focused on ERP/CRM/BI tools for large enterprises & global customers in early career, while recent years mainly on SaaS Product, Digital Marketing and China Market.
        王琤先生,ConvertLab公司CTO和联合创始人,致力于为国内企业提供先进的数字营销SaaS产品。之前服务于SAP中国超过10年,作为产品总监,在SAP管理近300人规模的产品研发和产品管理团队,从无到有打造了SAP全新一代SaaS产品SAP Anywhere。
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