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Paul Lee


Aumeo Audio-CEO
Paul Lee is currently a co-founder and the CEO of Aumeo Audio, ACE Communications and Ximplar.
Paul co-founded Ximplar in 2007 after 15 years of entrepreneurship, consulting and development experience in Silicon Valley and New York. His patented technology has won awards from Sir Richard Branson & Steve Wozniak (Talent Unleashed 2014), the Wall Street Journal (2011) and other. The technology has been launched as 2 brands: Aumeo Audio for consumers and ACE HEARING for medical markets.
Prior to this Paul co-founded and led SkinnyPigeon, a boutique consulting company that specialized in developing Business Intelligence solutions for financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. He successfully managed and delivered projects for clients such as Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and Wendy's International.
Aumeo Audio--首席执行官
        现任个性化音效调节裝置公司Aumeo Audio、服务互联网及电信供应商ACE Communications和Ximplar的联合创始人兼首席执行官。
Paul于2007年在硅谷和纽约经历了15年的创业道路,凭借其丰富的经验,联合创立了Ximplar公司。其专利技术令他获得了 Sir Richard Branson & Steve Wozniak (Talent Unleashed 2014)、华尔街日报(2011年)等多个奖项。他的技术已经成功推出了两个品牌:面向消费者的Aumeo Audio和针对医疗市场的ACE HEARING。
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