Speakers 演讲嘉宾

Yajun Liu


South China University of Technology, School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering-- Professer
Obtained over 20 invention patents and in charege of over 10 national ,ministerial and provincial-level projects and more than 20 enterprise R&D projects. He won lots of prizes including The First Prize of the Excellent Graduate Student and Zeng Xianzi Scholarship ,Yili Anda Innovation Award ,Academic Paper Award in Modern Manufacturing ,Excellent Paper Award in China Nonferrous Metals Association and so on .He serves as member and counsel in several Institution of Mechanical Engineers around the world .
       发明了20余项的专利和主持承担国家级、省部级项目10余项, 企业研发项目20余项。获得“南粤优秀研究生暨曾宪梓奖学金一等奖”、“依利安达创新奖”、“现代制造学术论文奖”、“中国有色金属学会优秀论文奖”等多项学术奖励,是世界上多个机械工程师学会的会员和顾问。
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