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2018 Guangzhou International Innovation Festival will be held in Tianhe District from December 3 to 5, 2018 jointly by the People’s Government of Tianhe District, the Office of Foreign Affairs of Guangzhou People’s Government and Guangzhou Committee of Scientific & Technological Innovation. Using “Openness and Innovation,Leading the Future” as its theme, series of activities, including an opening ceremony oriented toward the public, theme workshops, Tianyinghui International Innovation & Start-up Competition, supportive innovation activities, exchange activities under the theme of “Night of Innovative Future” and innovative product show, will be held to involve the professionals, including experts, scholars, enterprise executives, investors and start-up entrepreneurs, in the fields of IT of a new generation, AI, high-end equipment manufacturing, digital economy and cultural creativity invited from the universities, colleges and institutes in the 4 bay areas (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, San Francisco Bay, New York Bay and Tokyo Bay) as well as the advanced countries and regions of the world.

2018广州国际创新节,是由广州市天河区人民政府、广州市人民政府外事办公室、广州市科技创新委员会联合主办,将于2018年12月3日至5日在广州天河区举行。2018广州国际创新节将以“开放创新 领跑未来”为活动主题,邀请四大湾区(粤港澳大湾区、旧金山湾、纽约湾、东京湾)及世界先进国家与地区在新一代信息技术、人工智能产业、高端装备制造、数字经济、文化创意产业等领域的高校院所专家学者、企业高管、投资人、初创企业等专业人士,面向社会公众设置开幕式、主题论坛、天英汇国际创新创业大赛、创新配套活动、“创新未来之夜”交流活动、“众新云集”企业创新产品秀等活动。


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Welcome to Guangzhou, an international city pulsing with the rhythm of innovation.

Innovation is the beating heart of any great metropolis. For the past two millennia, the city of Guangzhou has been innovating with the times, reinventing itself for new generations.

This December, join us as we celebrate the spirit of innovation that has defined this great city with a festival that showcases everything the City of Flowers has to offer.





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Dr. Yossi Vardi


co-chair of Digital Life Design (DLD) & the honor co-chairman of the GZ International Innovation Festival
Dr. Yossi Vardi is the father of science and technology innovation in Israel, and founder & investor of instant messaging software originator ICQ. Over the past 40 years, he has invested as many as 86 Internet start-ups, involving software, clean energy, the Internet and other industries, with the “Golden Touch” magic, he invested in some companies which were later sold to Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay and other world-renowned enterprises. Its commercial achievements made him the spiritual idol of many entrepreneurs.

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Sheng Xitai


Founder of Aplus

Sheng Xitai is not only the founder of Aplus, senior investment banker, but also the  builders of two top securities companies. He is the former chairman of Huatai United Securities company. He also served as the president of Nankai Beijing Alumni Association, the chairman of Nankai Yunneng Business School, the managing partner of Tsinghua Alumni Seed Fund, the vice president of China Youth Innovation and Venture Capital Alliance, and also the vice chairman of the National University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance.

洪泰基金  |  洪泰基金创始人

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Barron Zuo


Indiegogo  |  Senior Strategic Programs Manager

Barron Zuo has seven years of entrepreneurial and product management experience. For the past few years, he had worked on a mobile technology solution for SMEs, business analytics platform, and robotics projects. After years of consulting and product management work in China, Silicon Valley, and Singapore, he decided to join Cornelltech MBA for further study. His expertise includes fundraising, strategy, product management, marketing, PR, sales, and business development.

Indiegogo  |  全球高级战略总监

左潇拥有7年的创业和产品管理领域的丰富经验,在过去的几年里,一直致力于为中小企业,业务分析平台和机器人项目开发移动技术解决方案。 在中国,硅谷和新加坡经过多年的咨询和产品管理工作后,加入Cornelltech MBA进一步学习。专业领域包括筹款,战略,产品管理,营销,公关,销售和业务发展。
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3-5 December 2018

The Guangzhou Library, established by the Guangzhou Municipal Government, was created for the benefit of the general welfare, and to serve as a culture and education institution. It is located on the banks of the Pearl River in Flower City Square and on Guangzhou’s new central axis. The Library faces the Guangzhou Tower, which is the highest tower in China, and is surrounded by the Guangdong Provincial Museum, the Guangzhou Opera House, and the Guangzhou 2nd Children's Palace. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful buildings in the province and serves as a place to understand the history and culture of this ancient land.

广州图书馆新馆是广州市重点建设项目、文化惠民工程之一。 坐落于广州市的 新城市中心、有“城市客厅”美誉的花城广场,位于城市新中轴线和古老珠江交汇处,面向当今 中国第一高塔——广州塔,与周边的广东省博物馆、广州大剧院、广州市第二少年宫形成文化共同体,成为广州的文化窗口。

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